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Book Catalogue

Faith to Live By series Volumes 1, 2, and 3:

book_examineyourfaithTitle: Examine Your Faith! Finding Truth in a World of Lies (Rev. 2015) Volume 12013_gold_winner
Special Mention: Winner of the 2013 Authorsdb.com Cover Contest and Small Christian Publishers 2017 Book of the Year Award
Author: Pamela Christian
Genre: Non-fiction, adult education
Category: Religion – Spirituality
Market: Christians needing to better know the reason for their faith; Non-Christians who are searching for truth.
Format: 6 x 9; Trade paper
Pages: 238
Price: $16.99 retail
ISBN: 978-0-9909421-0-8 (sc)
Publication Date: Revised 2015

Market Description:
Well-meaning people want to believe that all roads lead to the same God and heaven. But wanting something to be true is far different from truth lining up with reality. Unless you make an intentional effort to examine what you believe and why you believe it, it’s quite possible you are living your life on the basis of a lie, and don’t know it.
• What is truth?
• Is truth relative or absolute?
• Is truth personal or universal?
• What are the differences among the various religious faiths? Can they be blended?
• Are we creating faith–a belief system–that is impotent by trying to accept all religions as equal?
Author’s Comments:
“Unless we intentionally examine what we believe and why, we could easily be deceived and not know it… Most people believe that what we hold true in this life determines our eternal life. Doesn’t that make being confident of what you believe the single most important matter? With so many conflicting truth-claims, how can we discover what we need to confidently know? Examining Your Faith! Finding Truth in a World of Lies, is written to help you discover truth, meaning and purpose in life now and into eternity.””

Section One – Defending Truth explores truth vs. relativism, cultural Christianity and religious pluralism. Section Two – Discovering Truth devotes chapters to each of the five major world religions and New Age. Section Three – Deciding Truth explores the coexistence of good and evil, the validity of the Bible in contrast to all other religious document, the person of Jesus Christ and the claims and offer He makes to anyone who chooses to believe and receive Him.

“If you are not confident about what you believe, or what makes sense to believe, Examine Your Faith will help you explore the popular faith claims of our day and discover life-giving truth.”
Josh D. McDowell, Author and Speaker

“Religious skeptics, spiritual seekers, or those who simply want to examine their faith to determine its legitimacy cannot read Examine Your Faith! without concluding that Christianity has no competitors.”
Dan Story, M.A. Christian Apologetics, Author and Teacher

“Examine Your Faith! is a wonderful introduction to both world religions and the special case for Christ. And it is perfect for group studies at churches everywhere.”
Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D., founder and Director, graduate Program in Christian Apologetics, biola University, Author of Five Sacred Crossings

Customer Rating: Five Star
Read the excellent reviews and more available on Amazon.

Excellent for evangelism, personal or group study. Companion Study Guide available, see below.

Title: Examine Your Faith! Finding Truth in a World of Lies Study Guide
Author: Pamela Christian
Category: Religion – Spirituality
Genre: Non-fiction, adult education
Market: Restless and dissatisfied adults looking for clarity and confirmation for life purpose and meaning; Christians needing to anchor the reason for their beliefs; Christians who need assistance to defend and share the Christian faith.
Format: 6 x 9; Trade paper
Pages: 82
Price: $7.99 retail
ISBN: 978-0-9909421-1-5 (sc)
Publication Date: Revised 2015

Market Description:
This Study Guide has been created as a companion to Pamela Christian’s highly acclaimed book,Examine Your Faith! Finding Truth in a World of Lies.This accompanies the first book in Christian’s Faith to Live By book series.


Title: Renew Your Hope! Remedy for Personal Breakthroughs (Volume 2)NIEAseal-2014-Winner-200
Special Mention: Winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award
Author: Pamela ChristianPamela Christian
Category: Non-fiction, adult education
Genre: Religion – Spirituality
Market: Adults who intrinsically believe that there is something better to be had, who are willing to reconsider life as they’ve known it to discover the victory they long for.
Format: 6 x 9; Trade paper
Pages: 279
Price: $16.99 retail
ISBN: 978-0-9909421-4-6 (sc)
Publication Date: Revised 2015

Market Description:
More than ever before, most people are finding to difficult to remain optimistic about their life and their future. So much has failed–marriage, family, and personal relations, the job and economic markets, government, education and even the Church. In whom or what can we find the hope and personal breakthroughs we desperately need? Clearly there is no hope in our natural existence. There never has been. That’s why Christ came to this earth in the first place!
Renew Your Hope! Remedy for Personal Breakthroughs provides the answers that can change your life, your circumstances and your future.
• Learn the fullness of what Christ offers you
• Uncover the deceptions that have prevented you from moving ahead
• Discover Christ’s authority and power that God wants you to operate in
• Take hold of the abundant, victorious life Christ died to provide you
You can have confident hope. You can have personal breakthroughs. Why wait a moment longer when this book places the answers in your hands?

Author’s Comments:
“Faith that moves mountains is something we can experience, if we understand how to wield effective faith… Effective faith is not “Word Faith” theology where a person seeks to declare what they want to occur in life. Rather, effective faith is “Faith Word” theology, where Believers learn to trust God for His promises to occur in life!”

Section One – Conditions of Faith explains that Christ in our only hope, how to apprehend God’s promises and how to exercise authority in Christ. Section Two – Developing Faith beautifully explains the benefit of suffering, provides encouraging examples of faith through testimonials of those overcoming seemingly impossible circumstances and offers a fresh perspective of the authority unique to Christians providing they know how to access it. Part Three -The Fruit of Faith concludes with additional testimonies of miraculous resolutions encouraging and empowering the reader to embrace his/her own personal breakthroughs with a proper faith in Christ.

“Renew Your Hope! is strong on personal experience and the application of Biblical truth. I compliment Pamela Christian on how well she has integrated a Biblically balanced approach to everyday life.
Charles H. Kraft, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Fuller School of Intercultural Studies, Author and Speaker

“Pamela Christian’s passion for helping Christians grow in faith, and for unbelievers to experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ, shines through on practically every page.”
Dan Story, M.A. Christian Apologetics, Author and Speaker

“Pamela Christian provides the perfect balance–showing Christians how to experience the clarity, hope, and victory by the power and promises of God through a lens of rational thought, logic, factual evidence, and a persuasive argument for the truth of God’s Word.”
Bob Dutko, Christian Apologist and Nationally Syndicated Talk-show Host

Customer Rating: Five Star
Read the excellent reviews and more available on Amazon.

Excellent help for overcoming adversity. Suitable for personal or group study. Companion Study Guide available soon.

Title: Revive Your Life! Rest for Your Anxious Heart (Volume 3) 
Author: Pamela Christian
Category: Non-fiction, adult education
Genre: Religion – Spirituality
Market: Adults, especially Millennials, who are searching for answers to deep life questions, wanting to make a profound impact for the better with their life.
Format: 6 x 9; Trade paper
Pages: 230
Price: $16.99 retail
ISBN: 978-0-9909421-8-5 (sc)
Publication Date: May 2017

Market Description:
Vast numbers of people are protesting against the failure of government and politics, the demise of marriage and family, the breakdown of job and economic markets, the antagonistic cultural and social issues, and more. People everywhere are searching for meaning and purpose in life and to become part of a movement that will bring much-needed reform. But where do we start?

History reveals that when God is the focus of a people, their nation flourishes. We must start with a reconsideration of God. The restlessness in our hearts is evidence that God, whom we’ve pushed out of society and deemed irrelevant, is the Reformer we need.

Revive Your Life! Rest for Your Anxious Heart is written to help people discover truth, discover life’s meaning and purpose, and step into a reformation that will change the world for the better. Find answers to questions such as:

  • Is mankind the supreme authority over world events?
  • Does God exist and if so, what is His character, will, and intentions for the world?
  • There are many religions; is there more than one God?
  • Where can I find the peace and rest for my soul?
  • What are my life’s meaning and purpose, and how can I make a significant impact in the world?

The significant impact you long to make is possible. Revive Your Life! Rest for Your Anxious Heart is written so you can become all you were meant to be.

Author’s Comments:
“About faith, hope and love, the Bible makes clear love is the greatest. Love of the holiest kind is what God offers everyone with the mandate that as we receive His love, we extend it to others. Imagine what kind of revolutionary change could occur if more people discovered and lived-in God’s love. This is a reform–a revival movement I very much want to be a part of.

Part One – Readers will discover the amazing love of God, how His love is radically different than any human love, and is the specific love humans crave. Readers will also learn how a proper understanding about God and His love have been under attack, generating confusion and deception. Part Two – Helps readers learn how they can enter God’s love and discover their unique God-given purpose in life. Part Three – Provides practical wisdom and insights to best enjoy the benefits of Gods love and how to be an extension of God’s love to others.

In Revive Your Life! Rest for Your Anxious Heart, author Pamela Christian gives us a picture of God’s love in a way that will most likely be a game-changer for many. She does so with the skill of an artist and the scholarship of an apologist, yet she writes with the compassionate heart of a pastor. This book illustrates the biblical concept “the truth shall make you free.” One translation reads, “you shall know the truth in an experiential way, and the truth shall make you free.” That well represents the backbone of this book. It is an invitation to the ongoing experience of truth through a relationship with a perfect heavenly Father. Revive Your Life! is a tool that will bring great numbers of people into the freedom they were born for through the discovery of their God-given purpose and significance.
BILL JOHNSON, Bethel Church, Redding, CA Author of When Heaven Invades Earth and God is Good

A well-known song recorded years ago aptly declares, “What the World Needs Now Is Love.” This is truer today than when the song broke upon the scene a generation ago. In fact, Jesus Himself warned us that in the “Last Days” the love of many would turn cold! But thank God for people like Pamela Christian who is brave enough to say, “Not on my watch!” Revive Your Life! Rest for Your Anxious Heart is truly a manual full of directions on how to rekindle your faith, hope, and love and arise to fulfill your distinct call in this generation. If your heart needs to be revived, then read on. This was written with you in mind.”
DR. JAMES W. GOLL, Founder of God Encounters Ministries, International Speaker, Best Selling Author

Pamela Christian’s Revive Your Life! is informative, inspirational, and challenging. This third volume in her highly readable trilogy (following Examine Your Faith! and Renew Your Hope!) puts some very important truths in the Christian faith on “the bottom shelf” and will be edifying to those seeking truth and to new converts, as well as to those who have walked for many decades with Jesus. While I am in disagreement with the author on the extant nature of some of the spiritual gifts experienced by the first century Church, I would recommend this book to all who seek to know more about the Christian faith.
Dr. Richard Land, President, Southern Evangelical Seminary. Charlotte, North Carolina

Revive Your Life! Rest for Your Anxious Heart is the logical and indispensable conclusion to Pamela Christian’s trilogy, Faith to Live By. Having established in volume one the historical and objective truths of Holy Scripture—in contrast to the flawed and unsubstantiated claims of non-Christian religions—she leads readers in volume two to experience the hope, rewards, and “breakthroughs” available to all who accept God’s promises and the life-changing power of biblical Christianity. In this third volume, Pamela sets out to lead her readers step-by-step through and beyond the deceptions, pitfalls, and other obstacles that the enemies of Christ—both demonic and human—put forth to discourage potential and practicing Christians from embracing a truth-based, God-centered life. But Pamela doesn’t stop here. Ultimately, volume three is all about God’s love, and how “to enter a transformed life of freedom, joy, and victory” through a genuine, empowered relationship with Jesus Christ. In Revive Your Life! Pamela Christian helps her readers embrace a loving relationship with their Creator. She explains how to grow and mature in this relationship, both experientially as well as practically. As a natural result of this, she explains how God’s love can play out in each of our lives to impact our sinful, suffering world for Christ. Whether you are a spiritual seeker, a new believer, or a mature Christian facing spiritual struggles and doubts, this book is for you.
DAN STORY, MA Christian Apologetics, Author and Teacher

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